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Complete Consulting 1.0 is a complete extensible solution for all medium and small scale consulting companies. The tool provides an integrated solution to all the present world necessities, under one umbrella. The goal is to provide technologies that meet our clients ever changing preferences and needs. We have a pick of outstanding team that is a key to our success. With the cutting edge development ideas as a part, we stay an employer of choice for our current and future associates.

In the present world there are a lot of different organizations wrestle multiple priorities. In the process, they will need to streamline huge amounts of information, which consistently keeps growing. There is a need to keep up with those rapid changes, which attribute to characteristic of today’s “Information Age”. Information sources include a variety of customer base’s data including personal information, medical records, invoices, payrolls, bank account details, etc. Although productivity gains have been considered from organizational restructuring, and implementation of new technologies, these options tend to be costlier to implement.
For example for Invoices, Payrolls and Taxes there is ADP, ADP charges for every individual we opt to use the service, which is a large expense for lot of companies.
Adapters are the means to provide integration into other tools. This will result in self contained, dynamic applications that can be located or invoked over the network to create innovative products. For example MS Money can be integrated to maintain the money matters and use the figures to generate lot more efficient Reports.
Similarly we can integrate to our clients & preferred vendors applications by configuring the adapters to get information and data for project or reporting purposes. One challenge however is to integrate an existing - legacy program with one of the web service. For new applications however, the new defect standard of Object Oriented Development will ensure easy integrability. Also the Extensible Markup Language promises to serve as a tool for data exchange in a standard, consistent way.
  Allow capabilities to manage employees and their benefits by providing flexible solutions that evolve with your changing needs.
  State of the art input from choice options: Send in data by means of your convenience. Message Format: XML
 Manage Client Information and Project progress related to the client, or else tack the consultant progress and deliverables
  Plug-in capability of to access external services. Allowing to manage W-2 and Check online vs. print options, labor and time management solutions, direct deposits and bank information management, tax management, only to begin with.
  Create and Customize Report by drag and drop features, providing a value added service for reporting.
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